"autók éjszakája"

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Lada 2107(1982-2012)

So cold cubic Lada(Kockás Lada). Build based on FIat 124. Max capacity: 55kw,75 HP. Speed limit 145km/h. Manufactured in Izhevsk(Russia) from 1984 - 2012.

"Love French Classic car"

CITROEN DS (1955-1975)

After Covid restriction, we visited in France for vacation. We walk around near Champs-Elysees, I found this jewelry in front of one hotel. What a beautiful form! Only few master cars are allowed such elegant atmosphere after half of century. It is not coinsidence famous french president loved this car for their duty( Charles de Gaulle, Georges Pompidou).


Gold emblem of Citroen, what a gorgeous mark!

The famous technical issue of this car was hydropneumatic suspension. I'm sure you know, when they park the car, rear body some centi meter go down. It made us a future animation car for all boys at that time. The Citroen engineer invented it and implemented this car as the first mass production car.