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Check with car expert before you buy

Are you looking for used car in hungary?

Do you need an english speaker's advisor who is an used car specialist in hungary?
you may need a reliable partner for checking car status.

we can investigate technical problem, even if car owner doesn't tell you.

you can avoid to buy a problematic car by our technical advice.
it is important to know what a condition car you will buy.
you can save your valuable time and money to find the best used car in hungary with us.

are you afraid of administration issue with hungarian language?
don't worry! we help you also about it.

let's start to check your car with us right now! 

What we can help you 

  • Avoid to buy a bad condition's car
  • Save your valuable time and money to find your ideal car
  • Easy communication with us in English. We contact with hungarian speaker's owner instead of you
  • All in one service to buy a car( from research to register your car officially)
for your smart solution

how we work

consulting & Research

Save your time before you go inspection of your nominated car! Let us check your selected car. Based on the public database, we will provide you technical advice about it. You can avoid to waste your valuable time going to check bad condition's car.  


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Inspection with expert

Do not hesitate to check your nominated car by your eyes! Once decide to check it, let us contact with the car owner!

We will have an appointment at your prefer day and time.

We also arrange the car expert to check actual conditions of your nominated car. Then you can decide to buy or not based on our advice.

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support administration

Do not speak Hungarian? Don't worry! We help you all the administrative process in Hungary regarding car purchasing.

You can rely on us to make insulance, contract, registration at public office and any documentation's procedure.

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Buy used car in hungary is risky?

Possibility risks if you buy used car

  • No information about damage history
  • No information about main functions conditions(engine, clutch, brake, undercarriages
  • Unvisible corrosion, rust of undercarriages
  • Financial problem, stolen car

Purchasing used car, the most important thing is to check it's condition. Used car means somebody already had used before you buy it. If you are lucky, previous owners have been took care of your car. However it is rare case. Before take a pictures for advertisement most of owners washing the cars, but it doesn't mean the condition is clean as their pictures. You may not find out that real conditions from how looks like. However car expert is able to find out it's hidden problems even sellers didn't know that.

Used car expert gives you technical advices before you buy
Our expert inspects with his technical devices of your nominated car. Technical advices will be informed in English  You may decide to buy based on our advice.

Roll back odometer is usual?

If you start to look for used cars in Hungary from advertisement, you will find often over 20 years old cars under 150,000 km. It means those cars ran about 21km per day, if the owners have used them for every days. It is possible, someone use only in the city and never went for long distances with it. Or that car has been parked in the garage for a long time. Also it was possible that was driven only in weekend. I also found my favorite Toyota Auris 270,000 km ran on advertisement, but actually it was over 500,000 km ran after my research based on the data. Some experts say mileage is not important to judge good car or bad car. However you won't happy that you find it after paying for the car. Maybe it is right, if previous owners took care about maintenance of the car even that mileage is big, that car should be better than long time parked or than only city used car for short distance without warm up engine. However the deal is included trust issue with it. We would like to help you that you will avoid that case.

Sato Masaaki
Sato Masaaki

Chief advisor: I was born in Japan and I've lived in Hungary over 20 years. I speak Hungarian fluently and also used to speak English for business every day. I'm working at automobile industory more than 10 years. People says my job is very precise and professional for the purpose. 

Administrations, it's annoying! Don't worry! We help you by the end.


For purchasing a car and also after that, you need some administration processes.

Prepare contract form with the car owner

Make contract with an insurance company

After purchasing a car:

You must go to the place where is made a technical inspection for obtain the authentification

With this authentification doc, you may apply a vehicle registration card 

For getting this card, you should pay some tax

For these processes you should go difference places. Most of these places officers do not speak English.

Documentations are also in Hungarian languages.

These processes are really annoying, however you should done for driving a car legally.

We will help you these processes are completed. Don't worry about it! 

Your satisfaction is our first priority